Limited editions and customization

Like our grimoire, which is the source of our inspiration and our creations, Faubourg de Paris is built on rarity and mystery. For this reason each model in our collection is limited to 333 pieces worldwide accompanied by the part number on the back transforming each design into a unique high-end garment.

We manufacture as soon as we receive your order. We need time to manufacture a model due to the specificity of Egyptian cotton which is not easily accessible from our producers, the manufacturing techniques we use and the high definition printing of the part number on the back. Each order is processed in order of arrival. Subsequently we begin to carry out the manufacture and the customization by hand in our workshop in Paris.

Once the number of 333 pieces is reached for each of our models, you will never find this limited edition again.

Our main material: royal Egyptian cotton

Faubourg de Paris uses highly skilled creative craftsmanship with a combination of world-class materials and equipment. Our pieces speak for themselves.
We use Egyptian cotton which is the most famous and finest cotton in the world. It represents only 3% of the world's cotton production and is considered more luxurious than wool, linen, leather, cashmere or silk.

Egyptian cotton is strong and durable but at the same time incredibly soft. While regular cotton loses its softness and color over time, Egyptian cotton does the opposite: it becomes softer and silkier over time. This rare cotton has been cultivated for thousands of years. But it's not just cotton that's extraordinary. All of our materials are carefully selected natural materials from plants or animals with no artificial chemicals involved.

Our manufacturing workshop specializes in the production of high-end garments and our team has accumulated many years of experience working with some of the most famous fashion houses in the world.

For responsible fashion

Each piece in our collection is handmade and made by our team of designers in the heart of Paris. We treat every order as if it really is the most important order in the world because for us it is. Focus, precision and dedication using the best materials allow us to provide you with supernatural quality.

Such extraordinary artistic commitment translates into a slightly longer manufacturing time that is worth the wait. Faubourg de Paris undertakes to deliver your item within 7 to 14 days of ordering your item. A little longer, especially in today's hectic and superficial world. But we stay true to our mission: slow fashion for forward-thinking individuals with responsible use of the best materials available to humanity, precision and artistic expression instead of hastily pieced together fashion that lasts a season at most. .

We produce fashion that will become part of your DNA and your everyday street style. A companion that will accompany you and inspire you for years of unforgettable memories, we are sure. By using only the bare minimum of materials and fabrics, we also ensure the safety of our team and respect our environment.